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Piano Keyboard


Piano Class


$20.00 FOR 45 MINUTES

This program aims to develop all aspects of early music fundamentals for this most receptive age group.

We sing to encourage pitch, use percussion instruments to develop rhythmic skills, do action and movement for gross motor co-ordination, experience music appreciation for listening skills and play lots of musical games to encourage the brain to develop through musical concepts.   

In the Beebopper program, parents move into a partner role, sharing the experience with the child. There is greater emphasis on fine motor control and pre-reading activities. An ideal way to give your child the opportunity of enjoying and discovering the world of music.   

After the Beebopper program and at the age of four, the children can proceed to the Pianorama Junior Course , where they continue in the same group system, but also learn the piano as part of the lesson structure.


$30.00 FOR 45 MINUTES

The Junior Music Course incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. An emphasis on aural training expediates the learning process and the students develop the components of musicianship and technique simultaneously.

In their weekly lessons the students develop the following skills:


  • Piano tuition - practical learning, with solo and ensemble experience

  • Percussion - to develop rhythmic skills

  • Theory/musical games - for confirmation of reading notation and musical elements

  • Music Appreciation - understanding of musical structure and creativity


Class maximum of 10 students, a digital piano is provided for each student for use in the classroom. We create an unpressured atmosphere with an effective structured programme taught by fully qualified music specialists.

Piano Lesson
Piano Lesson_edited.jpg


$30.00 FOR 45 MINUTES

The Primary Course incorporates technical and musical concepts which are covered through repertoire and technical finger play, experiencing all styles of music.

In their weekly lessons the students develop the following skills:


  • Keyboard and percussion ensembles for rhythmic development

  • Music appreciation for the understanding of musical structure

  • Creative awareness

  • Opportunity for solos and ensemble work

With the use of the teacher’s speed variable disk, the children play with exciting orchestral and band tracks, inviting them to experience a broad range of musical styles.


$32.50 FOR 45 MINUTES

The Intermediate Course is for Junior Course graduates, to further develop their musical and technical skills.

In their weekly lessons the students develop the following skills:

  • repertoire

  • technical development

  • solfege aural concepts

  • harmonic extension

  • theory worksheets

  • ensemble and individual practical work

Girl Practicing Piano_edited.jpg


$43.00 FOR 60 MINUTES

Extension Course is for Primary and Intermediate Course graduates. We cover all musical styles of repertoire with a technical development programme for this level.

The students learn to become more musically independent and work at a more comprehensive level.

This, together with the acquired musical awareness, enables the teacher to work with the students in:

  • composition

  • improvisation

  • keyboard harmony

  • theory worksheets

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