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ISM Turramurra returns to face to face lessons From Term 3!

WE ARE Taking new enrolments for 2022!

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We believe that

Learning music Is fun

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A bit about the school

We develop musicians not technicians 

ISM Turramurra provides unique, group music courses for students from 3 years of age. We also offer private tuition for piano and theory.

We run both pre-school music classes and group piano classes, Monday – Sunday during the public school terms. All the programs are structured to give the maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components. ISM's music courses make learning music fun.

Children enjoy the wide variety of music from classical to rock’n’roll. Theory, listening, reading, composing, and all musical skills are developed in a comprehensive approach so your child will develop into a young musician. ISM Turramurra has been teaching children music for over 25 years. 

Our approach to learning is simply;

What you hear you sing,
What you sing you play,
What you play you read,
What you read you write.

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Ros Tesoriero graduated from the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education specialising in piano.

Whilst later residing in New York she continued her studies in jazz improvisation, arranging and composition with the world-renowned jazz concert artist and music educator, Dave Frank.   Over the last 20 years Ros has worked as a professional musician ranging from music theatre to solo pianist/vocalist. She has also worked as a specialist music educator covering the entire music school curriculum from Kindergarten to general and elective music throughout High School.

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Learning diagram brain

What are the effects of learning music on your child’s brain?



  • How does learning Music strengthen the brain?

  • Do Musicians have higher levels of mental function?

    Check out the video for more info...

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Term Dates


Friday, 28th January
Saturday, 9th April

Tuesday, 26th April
Saturday, 2nd July
* Monday 13th June: Queen’s Birthday

Monday, 18th July
Saturday, 24th September

Monday, 10th October
Tuesday, 20th December

Concert Dates for your Diary

ISM Private Concert
Sunday, 18th September, 2022
St Ives Uniting Church Hall

Group CLasses

BeeBopper Music logo


$19.00 for 45 minutes

This program aims to develop all aspects of early music fundamentals for this most receptive age group.

We sing to encourage pitch, use percussion instruments to develop rhythmic skills, do action and movement for gross motor co-ordination, experience music appreciation for listening skills and play lots of musical games to encourage the brain to develop through musical concepts.   

In the Beebopper program, parents move into a partner role, sharing the experience with the child. There is greater emphasis on fine motor control and pre-reading activities. An ideal way to give your child the opportunity of enjoying and discovering the world of music.   

After the Beebopper program and at the age of four, the children can proceed to the Pianorama Junior Course , where they continue in the same group system, but also learn the piano as part of the lesson structure.

Pianorama Music logo Junior Course

4-6 year Olds

$26.50 for 45 minutes

The Junior Music Course incorporates all fundamentals for practical and musical development for the beginner student. An emphasis on aural training expediates the learning process and the students develop the components of musicianship and technique simultaneously.

In their weekly lessons the students develop the following skills:

Piano tuition - practical learning, with solo and ensemble experience

Percussion - to develop rhythmic skills

Theory/musical games - for confirmation of reading notation and musical elements

Music Appreciation - understanding of musical structure and creativity

Class maximum of 10 students, grouped by age, with separate group classes for 4, 5, and 6 year olds. A digital piano is provided for each student for use in the classroom. We create an unpressured atmosphere with an effective structured programme taught by fully qualified music specialists.

Pianorama Music logo Primary Course

from 7 years of age

$26.50 FOR 45 MINUTES

The Primary Course incorporates technical and musical concepts which are covered through repertoire and technical finger play, experiencing all styles of music.

In their weekly lessons the students develop the following skills:

Keyboard and percussion ensembles for rhythmic development

Music appreciation for the understanding of musical structure

Creative awareness

Opportunity for solos and ensemble work

With the use of the teacher’s speed variable disk, the children play with exciting orchestral and band tracks, inviting them to experience a broad range of musical styles.

Advanced Intermediate Music logo


$27.00 FOR 45 MINUTES

The Intermediate Course is for Junior Course graduates, to further develop their musical and technical skills.

In their weekly lessons the students develop the following skills:


technical development

solfege aural concepts

harmonic extension

theory worksheets

ensemble and individual practical work

Advanced Extention Music logo


$37.50 for 60 minutes

Extension Course is for Primary and Intermediate Course graduates. We cover all musical styles of repertoire with a technical development programme for this level.

The students learn to become more musically independent and work at a more comprehensive level.

This, together with the acquired musical awareness, enables the teacher to work with the students in:



keyboard harmony

theory worksheets

Our focus

ISM learning

Our course materials are book and downloadable file that include all repertoire and worksheets. They are fun, informative and easy to use.

responsive to children’s needs

Our teachers are friendly, responsive and sensitive to the students’ needs. All are preschool and musically qualified and trained within the ISM system.

age appropriate

Children are grouped according to age and ability. Lessons are structured to accommodate age appropriate behaviour.


Our ISM teachers are caring and sensitive to the students needs. We create an energetic and positive learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

people questioning about Music School

What days are you open?

We are open all day Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. Classes run from 8.30am for preschoolers and from 3.45pm through to early evening for both group and private lessons.

person questioning about Music School

How do I enrol?

The easiest way is to call into the school in person or by phone and talk through the needs of your child with our administrator or school director. They will then be able to either slot you into an existing group class or private lesson or put you onto the appropriate waitlist. We advise that you enrol online or in the office so we have all your information.

Computer Questions about Music School

Is there a registration fee?

No, but we ask parents to pay upfront for a Term. For group classes we offer a free trial lesson and then should you wish to proceed the first lesson becomes part of the term’s fees.

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Is there a waiting list

For private lessons we normally have slots available. Some group classes are full and others have space but we cannot guarantee to offer a suitable class on your preferred day. We always have new classes being formed and establish a wait list until a class becomes viable.

person questioning about Music School

Do I need to have a piano at home?

Jitterbugs and Beeboppers do not require pianos, however all our other programs require that you have a digital or acoustic piano at home for them to practise on.

Computer Questions about Music School

Where can I hire a digital piano?

We highly recommend going to Pianoworld Australia in Chatswood. You will get a great price through your connection to the school and they offer a 6 month rental agreement on all pianos both digital and acoustic.

390 Eastern Valley Way Chatswood, NSW 2067

Phone:02 8999 3639

people questioning about Music School

How long is each class?

The Jitterbugs group classes for two year olds are 30 minutes. The Beebopper classes for three year olds and the Pianorama Junior, Primary and Intermediate courses for 4 – 7 year olds are 45 minutes. The Pianorama Extension course is 60 minutes.

Private lessons are usually 30 minutes but for higher grades and older children can be either 45 or 60 minutes.

person questioning about Music School

How many students in a class?

Group classes are capped at 10 students each. We generally do not start new classes with less than 5 or 6 students to ensure the best group dynamics. Our average group size is around 8. Private lessons are one-to-one.

Computer Questions about Music School

As a parent how much am I involved?

Parents/Carers have to attend Jitterbugs, Beeboppers and it is preferable to attend the 4 year old junior classes. It is useful for parents to assist with practise and motivation at home.

people questioning about Music School

Do you ACKNOWLEDGE previous music tuition?   

Yes we do which is why we ask about prior experience in our initial conversation with parents. We try to then place the child in the best class that suits their age and previous level of experience.

person questioning about Music School

what do the materials cost?

The cost of materials (books and CDs) varies by program but is generally in the range of $35 - $42. These materials generally last around 6 months before the children progress to the next level.

Computer Questions about Music School

Are there discounts for registering more than one child?

We offer a 20% discount for a third and subsequent child.

What digital pianos do we suggest for students?

What are weighted keys?

What is the meaning, significance and usage of a weighted key on a digital piano?

Weighted Keys are the ones you will find on a normal Piano. So on a keyboard they will have the feeling as if you were playing a real Piano. If you don't plan on doing much with Synth Sounds, I would get the weighted keys. They are more comfortable to play and also set you up for when you are playing on any normal piano.

Child on Piano

Can you suggest a digital piano to buy/hire?

Morgan and West Keyboard

Yamaha P45

Enjoy the real feel of a piano anywhere. This compact and stylish digital piano is simple to use.

The P-45 features a Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.The feel of the keyboard gradually changes according to the register, so that it feels heavier when playing bass parts and lighter when playing treble parts.The piano also features a keyboard with a natural feel, with black keys that feature a matte finish for authentic piano playing close to that of an acoustic piano.
The P-45 uses digital recordings of actualinstruments to create the sound, and allows you to enjoy grandpianoreverberation wherever you are.

• Depth of less than30 cm

• 11.5 kg with its speaker attached

YAMAHA YDP143 Keyboard

Yamaha YDP143

The Yamaha Arius YDP-143 digital piano provides authentic acoustic piano touch and tone suitable for any aspiring pianist. 

The Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action helps build proper finger technique and strength for an easy transition to playing on acoustic pianos. The improved sound engine delivers expressive, high resolution recordings of the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano. Damper Resonance digitally recreates acoustic piano depth of tone when pedalling, while newly improved reverbs set the stage for you to replicate the feeling of playing in a variety of different environments.

• 192 note polyphony

• Available in either rosewood or black walnut finishes

ROLAND HP601 Keyboard

Roland HP601

Premium sound and modern features to inspire your musical journey.

The SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine delivers the authentic sound and interactive tonal response of an acoustic grand piano. You’ll get an authentic grand piano touch from the PHA-50 keyboard with progressive hammer action and escapement, which combines the traditional look and feelof wood with the durability of modern materials.There is also a Bluetoothwireless connection to smartphones and tablets for using music apps and streaming audio through the piano’s speaker system.

• Headphones 3D Ambience technology for natural, realistic sound when practicing with headphones

• Classically styled cabinet with a compact footprint that’s perfect for smaller spaces

• Three premium finishes: Contemporary Rosewood, Contemporary Black, or White

We suggest going through australian piano warehouse. 

We highly recommend going to Australian Piano Warehouse in North Willoughby. You will get a great price through your connection to the school and they offer a 6 month rental agreement on all pianos both digital and

285 Penshurst St
North Willoughby, NSW 2068

(02) 9417 3088


We use Scott Jackson, owner of The Piano Workshop Australia as our personal Piano Tuner.
Contact info: phone: 0429 356 312 
Email: scott@thepianoworkshop.com.au 
Website: thepianoworkshop.com.au


The ISM Turramurra Private Student Piano Concerts were held on Sunday 15th September at the Uniting Church in St. Ives.

At each concert there were also performances by Ros Tesoriero, the school’s Director as well as some of our private piano teachers. Take a look at the videos for a taste of those performances!

“I enjoy learning piano at this place because there are good teachers.”...

 Josiah, 8 years old



Ros Tesoriero

PRIVATE Piano and Group Classes

Ros Tesoriero has attained an A.Mus.A and graduated from the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education specialising in piano. Whilst later residing in New York she continued her studies in jazz improvisation, arranging and composition with the world-renowned jazz concert artist and music educator, Dave Frank.


Maria Tabor

Private Piano and Group classes

Maria trained in Germany, completing a Master of Music from University of Heidelberg and Bachelor of Music (Hons) from University of Munich. She has since pursued a successful piano teaching career; teaching piano and musicianship to students of all ages, from primary school to tertiary level. Maria has performed as a soloist and accompanist in Australia and Germany in many public and music club appearances, including invitation recitals, charity recitals, as an official accompanist and on a sponsored solo tour (Samsung). She has recorded with ABC-FM Radio and 2MBS-FM.

Jesse Nguyen Profile

Joy Chayna

Private Piano and Group Classes

Joy is in the process of completing her Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano. Music and People are her two greatest passions and she loves working with people of all ages. Joy has been involved with jazz improvisation and various ensembles at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music.

Passionate about how a piece of music can take you on a journey, Joy looks forward to sharing this with her students.

Anton Murdica  Profile

James Wilkes

Private Piano Teacher

James completed a Bachelor of Music (Performance) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on full scholarship. In his time there, he participated in masterclasses with a number of internationally renowned pianists and engaged in a wide range of activities including continuo, vocal accompaniment and chamber music.

Since graduating, James has worked as teaching assistant to Dr Bernadette Harvey, his former lecturer, and has been researching injury preventative piano technique.

Jesse Nguyen Profile

Khanh Lam

Private Piano and Group classes

Khanh is currently working on a double degree of Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies majoring in Medical Science and Music at the University of Sydney. She is also working on her A.Mus.A alongside her studies.
Khanh has taught students both young and old, helping them achieve their own music goals.

Khanh is passionate about exploring a wide range of music and endeavours to help all her students through their personal musical journeys, fostering their lifelong love for music.


Alex Tunnicliffe

Private Piano

Alex has recently just completed a Bachelor of Music Performance majoring in Piano at the Sydney
Conservatorium of Music and enjoys exploring a wide range of music in both contemporary and classical
fields. In addition to his Classical piano studies Alex has also developed skills in jazz and classical voice and also regularly works professionally as a musician. Alex enjoys teaching and loves passing on his passion for music to students.


Rachel Lee

Group Teacher and Private Teacher

Rachel completed her music education through ABRSM and Trinity College Series. After
seven years, Rachel left a corporate career in IT Management to raise her family. She has returned to music teaching to share her love of music and is passionate about teaching the younger student.

Rachel has a very special way with children and is multi-lingual and can also speak Cantonese and Mandarin.


Samantha Kennedy

Private Piano and Group Classes

Samantha is currently working on her Masters of Music Studies (Performance - Jazz Piano) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. She attained a Bachelor of Music
(Performance) in 2020 at Excelsia College & an Advanced Diploma in Worship Music in 2017 at Hillsong International Leadership College. Samantha is incredibly passionate
about jazz & currently plays in a contemporary jazz band, as well as composes her own jazz pieces.

Samantha is excited to share her love of music to all students, young and old. She loves to take the time to listen to why her students are interested in music and where they want to take their love for it.

Jesse Nguyen Profile

Heidi Ching

Private Piano Teacher and Office manager

Heidi has both a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and a Masters of Music (Performance Teaching) from the Melbourne Conservatorium as well as the A.Mus.A (Associate of Music Australia).  

Heidi has been teaching music to all ages as well as group music teaching.  She has taught a variety of styles including to the A.Mus.A. level as well as being an accompanist for choirs, musicals and instrumental exams.


Eumi Kim Cho


Eumi completed a Bachelor of Music, as well as a Masters of Music in classical piano performance while residing in Seoul, South Korea. She has extensive teaching experience ranging from young children to adults. She has prepared students for AMEB exams as well as university auditions. Eumi is involved in the Pymble Catholic Parish as an organist and piano accompanist.

Jesse Nguyen Profile

Jesse Nguyen


Jesse completed a Bachelor of Music degree in 2018. He now teaches many piano students to prepare for AMEB exams, plays in a jazz-fusion band and conducts a community choir in Sutherland as well as singing in a few. Loving classical, jazz and contemporary music, Jesse is passionate in helping others strive for their musical goals.


Ailie Yeh

Private Piano and Group Classes

Ailie graduated from the Conservatorium High School in 2016 with full marks for her HSC Music Extension performance, as well as a HSC Encore Nomination. During her high-school years, she completed her AmusA and LmusA and received a distinction for both. Ailie is currently studying at the University of Sydney. She enjoys teaching and hopes to share her love of music with her students.


Nicholas Till


Nicholas is working towards a Bachelor of Music in classical piano at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He attained his A.Mus.A with Distinction and has since competed
in a number of International Piano Competitions and participated in Masterclasses with internationally renowned Pianists.

Nicholas enjoys playing and listening to all genres of
music, and hopes to pass on this broad love of music to his students.

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